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I discovered HighOnLove products at the Expo Cannabis Montréal ( Finally, a feminine and elegant brand for us women. It took a very special woman to think about it. This woman is Angela Mustone.

1- Angela, where comes your idea of High on love?


I have a great experience in selling novelty products to the adult industry. For a long time, I’ve been intrigued about the reputation cannabis had when it comes to sex. I asked my chemist to make me a sample of THC infused orgasm oil and I couldn’t believe the results! Being the bold and daring person that I am, I thought to myself: why not mainstream sex and cannabis? In doing some research to see what’s out there, I realized the existing products looked very bland and boring. It had very little appeal – especially to the female demographic such as myself. In that moment, HIGHONLOVE was born.


2- What has been your biggest challenge so far?


There is still a big stigma and resistance when it comes to using cannabis recreationally – especially in Quebec. This really surprises me because we, Quebecers, usually have such a “joie de vivre” that I am thrown off by the negative reactions and hesitations towards cannabis. I am not sure if it’s propaganda from the government or simply lack of education.


3- What are you most proud of?


Definitely HighOnLove! 


4- Do you think the Quebec market is ready for you?


Sadly no, being a proud Quebecer and building a brand that is made right here in this beautiful province, I am taken aback that I am not getting the support I know other Quebec companies would receive – even though my products are approved by Health Canada! 


5- What does it mean to be an entrepreneure women in the Cannabis industry? Do you think that makes it harder to succeed?


I think being in an industry that is highly dominated by men helps women entrepreneurs stand out! Also I feel that we receive more support and respect from the industry for making it this far.


6- What is your next goal?


European expansion! I am currently in the works of completing my registration for Europe. HighOnLove is about to go international!

Angela, I wish you the best success. Thank you for your time.

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