Our promise

Born of desires, appetites and curiosity, Finefleur has now bloomed. Yet, as embryonic as she is, she’s already full of ideas, ambitions and energy. In its DNA, there is of course a core, this famous (and sometimes infamous) plant called cannabis, known since the dawn of civilization. This cannabis that is also known by many aliases: hemp, pot, weed, ganja and so on.

Finefleur was born from a desire to inform, to set the record straight of a sometimes abused reputation. In a context where there is often a lot of confusion, Finefleur wants to better understand its essence, its strengths. She will identify the most satisfying and responsible methods to consume cannabis.

Finefleur seeks to bring together women and men around a promise. The promise of a smart relationship with cannabis. Where words, sounds and images resonate: sharing, pleasure, discoveries, sensations, wellness, celebrations, etc. There will be a potpourri of fine recipes, shared knowledge and meaningful encounters.

The promise also to weave over time, with the participation of its community, a tapestry of initiatives, services, products that make life sometimes a little simpler, a little funnier and, why not, a little better.

Our approach

All our recipes are of course tested before being published. Obviously for their taste and our conviction that they will appeal to a majority of epicureans and gourmets. But also for their level of psychoactive elements cleverly dosed. By carefully following our dosing instructions for cannabis-infused oils and butters, and following our recommendations for ingestion, we make sure to convey our philosophy of “moderation tastes better”. Of course, just as with alcohol or any other psychoactive substances, it is essential that each person determine their own threshold of comfort and tolerance. We cannot be too careful about this.